This was our first wedding we covered at Red Ivory Lodge in Hartbeespoort. We were so excited to cover Daniella and Rafael’s wedding  as we had got to know them quite well over the last few months.  Daniella looked so elegant in her beautiful lace dress,  she is a hair dresser and was very particular on how her hair should look for her wedding day.  Her solution was to train up her sister on how to do her hair perfectly and she did look perfect.  They got married in the beautiful open chapel with a stunning view of the landscape of Hartbeespoort. The couple decided to do the harlem shake during the ceremony,  as the priest presented the new couple, one of their friends came walking down the aisle with a horse head mask on and the music blaring.  Everyone was taken by surprise and the entire bridal party stared the harlem shake in what was a very traditional service. This was a moment we really enjoyed!!!  Daniella and Rafael looked like real movie stars during their couple shoot and we loved the images we created with them.  This was a beautiful wedding form beginning to end at a fantastic venue.  It was an honour to shoot the wedding for such a beautiful couple.

We wish Mr & Mrs Baptista many wonderful years together.











Dress: Olivelli

Bridesmaid Dress: Forever New

Suits: Zara

Bride Makeup: Melissa Teitge

Decor & Flowers:  Bloom Room